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Digital Closet Add purchases in seconds and take your closet to go.

Outfit Planner A fun and useful time-saver. Create and tag outfit ideas for later.

Wishlist Save items you want from product catalogs and community closets.

Packing & Donation Lists Create collections of items and outfits - for trips, storage, or any reason at all.

Style Stats Live analysis of your closet - cost-per-wear, top colors, least worn, and more.

Sync To Google Calendar Export planned outfits and outfit history to Google Calendar!


in your personal lookbook.


the smarter it gets.

The ClosetSpace platform learns your style preferences and profile as you save looks, add items, and build outfits. Your profile drives your daily outfit suggestions, personal recommendations, stats, even the deals and rewards you get.

And coming soon... your ClosetSpace profile will start unlocking the rest of fashion: a VIP experience at your favorite stores, one-click sign up for new apps, and much more.


Our mission is to give people a complete style management toolkit - connected to the retailers, apps, and services they already use - with everything they need to dress better, feel more organized, and do more with the clothes they own.

Very little has changed in the past 50 years in how we manage our wardrobes, our clothes, and our daily outfits. Nearly every other part of our lives has been connected to the power of the internet and mobile – from dining to transportation to entertainment – and made dramatically simpler and more efficient.

And yet, we still manage our clothes and our style the same way our grandparents did. We stress out over what to wear on a rushed morning. We worry about the dozens of clothes and shoes we’ve barely worn. We make packing lists with pen and paper, we schlep laundry back and forth, and we rack our brains to remember where we stored that pair of shoes.

This isn’t a frivolous problem. Most people spend hundreds of hours a year managing their clothes. And billions of dollars in clothing waste is created each year from under-used clothing. It’s time to bring the tools we use into the 21st Century. It’s time for a revolution in personal style management!
Rohan Deuskar
CEO & Co-Founder, Stylitics